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Chat-Based Product Search

Inspora turns your static search filters into an interactive dialogue with your customers. By reacting to product requests with product-specific questions, search results can be refined and tailored to your customers. To achieve this, Inspora uses the digitalized fashion knowledge of human personal stylists, along with a list of tried-and-tested stylist questions.
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Natural Language

With the help of natural language processing, customers can send Inspora product requests using complex, conversational language, allowing them to more quickly and accurately illustrate what they are looking for ('I'm looking for a yellow T-shirt with a pattern for under 50 euros', 'I'm looking for something nice for the summer'). Upon request, Inspora can also handle customer service issues (e.g. 'where's my parcel?')

Individual Product Suggestions

When recommending suitable products to a customer in response to a particular request, Inspora's recommendation engine takes into account their personal preferences. This is achieved through the automatic enhancement of your product feed, as well as the clustering of customers according to their interests.
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Similar Products

Inspora's similarity algorithm analyzes and tags your products based on a variety of factors, such as visual features, to determine similarities between them. This allows Inspora to recommend similar or complementary products to your customers.

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