Easy Customization

To customize the Inspora chat widget to your products and branding, just share your product feed with us and we'll do the rest. Updates to the product feed will be made automatically every hour.
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 rapid integration inspora stylist

Rapid Integration

Integrate the Inspora chat widget into any desired area of your online shop as a Javascript code snippet or plugin for your shop software (Magento, Shopify etc.). Inspora can be integrated as a chat bubble, in an existing customer chat, on a particular subpage or in a campaign (e.g. email) for retargeting dissatisfied or consultancy-intensive customers.

Dynamic Interaction

As an additional option, the Inspora chat widget can be made to interact dynamically with your online shop, such as when viewing product details or product overview pages. Likewise, the widget can be seamlessly integrated with your shopping cart.
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Ready to experience Inspora?

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