Integration Engine

Product Feed Import

Inspora enables you to automatically communicate your product feed in the form of chat conversation. We support a wide range of data formats (e.g. csv, xml, database dumps etc.) and provide one-click integration for popular online shop platforms (e.g. shopify). Our integration engine keeps the product database in sync with your feed, either through automatic fetches (up to hourly), webhooks or manual uploads.

Data Enrichment

Whenever new products are fetched by the integration engine, we perform an additional step of data enrichment, which includes extraction of structured information from product descriptions. We also process product images and extract missing information using our visual recognition engine.

Internal Data Format

All of the extracted information is converted into an internal data format. Instead of categorizing products into predefined types, we classify them using a dynamic and extensible set of attributes. This allows us to easily find and match products based on a customer's request.

Customer Data Integration

If available, Inspora can integrate your existing customers' data into its system. Using order history, saved items or other preferences, we can deliver highly personalized recommendations, beginning with the customer's first interaction with the bot.

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