About us

Why Inspora?

When visiting an online shop in 2019, it’s honestly unbelievable that you’re still not greeted, taken by the hand and guided through their range of products as you would be when visiting a brick-and-mortar store.
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What's the problem?

We’ve analyzed thousands of chats with shoppers and what strikes us again and again is that customers feel poorly advised by the rigid and vague search filters of online shops, which leave them with a dizzying number of results to dig through. This reduces both sales and customer satisfaction, which is bad for business! So, where’s the personalization that so many customers have been craving?

How do we solve the problem?

At Inspora, shopping personalization is one of our top priorities and we’ve taken a fresh approach to product searching in the messaging age. Product searching shouldn’t be a one-way street, but an interactive and personal dialogue that guides the customer through the entire shopping process, from finding the right style to searching for outfits and products to checking out.
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What's so special about Inspora?

This is made possible through the groundbreaking combination of the newest chatbot technologies with the digitalized fashion know-how of hundreds of personal stylists, which enables the enormous potential of conversational commerce to be easy exploited by the fashion industry. As the world's first conversational commerce platform specifically designed for fashion, we're bringing fashion brands and retailers into a new era of shopping personalization with their own digital customer advisor.

Ready to experience Inspora?

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