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The shopping assistant for fashion brands & retailers

Drives more sales by guiding your customers through the purchasing process with personalized and fully automated 1:1 conversations on your website.

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Seamless Website Integration

Easily integrate Inspora as a widget into your online shop, exclusively tailored to your products, target group and brand.

56% Increase in Sales Conversion Rate

Help your customers find the right products by guiding them through a personalized product recommendation flow.

44% Increase in Average Order Value

Help your customers create and shop for personalized outfits with your products and for any occasion.

Highly Personalized Recommendations

Find out your customers' individual styles with a fun quiz to improve recommendations and personalization. Seamlessly integrate your existing customer data and personalization tools.

76% Higher Repurchase Rate

Use Facebook Messenger as a CRM channel. Send retargeting messages, newsletters and reminders directly to your customers' phones with an 82% open rate.

Profit from Inspora's award winning technology

Inspora is the first to combine state-of-the-art AI and chatbot technologies with the digitalized knowledge of over 100 personal stylists and the experience gained from hundreds of thousands of successfully completed user conversations.

Recommendation Engine

Generates personalized product recommendations using collaborative filtering - already pre-trained with over 1 million fashion product recommendations.

NLP Engine

Understands and answers fashion-related user requests - already pre-trained with over 50 million exchanged messages.

Integration Engine

Integrates your product feed and existing customer data into Inspora’s system in real time.


Inspora is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs which awarded Inspora with the EXIST Business Start-up Grant for its innovative technology.

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