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The virtual shopping assistant for fashion brands and retailers.

Increase your sales and reduce returns! Inspora automatically guides your customer through the shopping process and assists with customer service queries.

Thank you for your interest in Inspora. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

We’re bringing the fashion advice available in brick and mortar stores to your online shop.

Inspora walks customers through the shopping process — from finding the right style through searching for products and outfits to checking out.

Seamless Website Integration

Integrate Inspora into your online shop as a chat widget, tailored to your products and branding. Learn more →

Product Search

Help your customers find the right products in your online shop with chat-based product recommendations. Enjoy more qualified sales and less returns.

82% increase in sales conversion rate

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Outfit Generation

Help your customers build individual outfits for every occasion and benefit from bigger shopping carts.

52% increase in average order value

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Style Quiz

Find out your customers' tastes in fashion with a fun quiz and benefit from highly personalized product and outfit recommendations. Learn more →

Customer Care

​​Reduce manual work and answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) automatically and 24/7. Learn more →

Profit from Inspora's award winning technology

Inspora is the first to combine state-of-the-art chatbot technologies with the digitalized knowledge of over 100 personal stylists and the experience gained from thousands of successfully completed user conversations.

Integration Engine

Integrates your product feed and existing customer data into Inspora’s system.

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NLP Engine

Understands and answers fashion-related user requests.

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Recommendation Engine

Generates personalized product recommendations.

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Inspora is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs which awarded Inspora with the EXIST Business Start-up Grant for its innovative technology.